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“...a special feeling for in-usual melodies, prove again and again their fine feeling for tension-promoting deviating from the standard. Thus develops lively modern music, which reciprocates skillfully between an easy summer breeze and an gale. Particularly impressing is the interaction of Gunnar resounds at the trumpet and Hallvard Godal at the saxophone. Review of our concert at the Jazzclub Karlsruhe - Germany

“Gunnar Halle gave every tone an exceptional profound sound…their strong melodies, their search for original improvisations, performed with an infinite sensitivity, without overshadow the atmosphere to each theme from this really absorbing group." La Marseillaise - France

 “…who with their first class performance, to all degrees proved that they most of all don’t lack daring, with a drummer capable of express infinite variations of his play, without ever dominate this delicate modern jazz that really grooved.” Le Dauphiné Libere - France

Reviews from Le Chien et la Fille

"There is with a bated breath and an open and nude acoustic universe, that Fattigfolket seduces their public on the second cd "le chien et la fille" Recommendation of the week and listed as one of the five best danish jazz albums of the year 2005 Danish Radio

"Fattigfolket balances perfect between composition and improvisation and between the european and the american tradition. With a sober tone vocabulary, minimalistic themes and a simple harmony, they create strikingly beautiful music" "When the wind players improvises together and comment each other without taking the hole space, while Sommer plays an simple beat and Frick-Meijer fills in with the bass precisely were it is needed, some of the magic which is hidden in music is revealed" "Fattigfolket can reach very far, because their music is original without being inaccessible, catchy without being perishable..." Jazznytt - Norway

 "Their debut from last year was an unconditional success, and the same can be said about the difficult number two from the Norwegian / Swedish quartet.– chamber-music of the highest quality." Jazz Special - Denmark

”This is a group and a kind of music which is searching and listening and where space and air get to play an important role. Their performance are of the highest level all through the cd.” Puls - Norway

"It is stretched gently to develop gravitational and spellbinded lines, always posed within a framework halfway between compositions and improvisations. Fattigfolket fits definitively in a modern jazz which likes to find sources of inspiration from the rock scene. An album which confirms the hopes placed in them... " Indiepoprock - France

“Their music is smart and fresh..and emphasizes attractive melody and formal coherence.” JazzTimes - USA

“...nuances that provide a stream of subliminal surprises.  A curiously-interesting and entertainingly mind-bending program...” Jazzreview – USA

”This is a original kind and modern jazz on the highest level, and in a very beautiful tone” Dala Demokraten – Sweden

 Highly recomended!
”Ingenius music?.. This is a cd (and a group) wich absolutly deserves attention”
Smaalenene Avis – Norway

”There is something unique and nordic about the music from Fattigfolket. Realy cool, and yes very good!” Groove - Sweden

A Discovery
”... With a strong melodic print, and a minimalistic drive are the musical development woven.”
Jazzman - France

Reviews from our first cd Fattigfolket

“Throughout the tracks, we are treated to original arrangements with a high level of improvisation and experimentation. By the end of the CD, you have had a chance to hear each musician featured, and they are all very talented guys.” ” this is just over 50 minutes of some very good, but very experimental music” ” definitely full of talent and very cool” Jazzreview – USA

"Their eleven self-compositions balance skillfully on well-known narrow degree between classical and free improvised jazz... they move completely with ease, often playful disharmonic, on all fields of the jazz, however they never lose the musical soil under their feet. Thus one follows its original, well counterbalanced Impro lines gladly. A still little well-known quartet, to which one wishes a good, faithful public!" Jazzdimensions - Germany

”The music is both intimate, airy, and naked, as well as intense, dramatic and monumentally loaded with melodic statements. It is timeless with its interaction between freeform and a sharply edged rhythmic drive.” ”Most of all, the music owns an electric vein, and is a distinguished example of contemporary and acoustic jazz with an organic ensemble playing of high integrity.” Jazz Special - Denmark

”The four involved are all brilliant soloists, Frick-Meijer and Midttun Godal takes the principal compositional responsibility. The collectives expression is both very important and outstanding. There is a dynamics in the way they communicate, that are of very high class.” Jazznytt - Norway

“Last year they won the Tremplin Jazz in Avignon. First of all we were seduced by the sound of Gunnar Halle.” “The strength of the group lies in the ability to construct an atmosphere and euphonious drama built on clear structure.” Jazzman - France

"I go into a sound isolated room, and close the door, turn up the volume, and blow my brain empty from bad thoughts. I come out as new human being... Give fattigfolket of your time, and you will get much more in return." Lira - Sweeden

“a high calibre modern acoustic jazz album” ”Fattigfolket bale from their musically abundance, and makes us feel rich” Dagsavisen - Norway

"A dramatic relatively stripped music where the sound of the instruments are essential. A first realization which deserves to be listened to." Indiepoprock - France

”an acoustic, barefaced and exciting group, who has the traditional jazz development as a basis, with compositions that are tailored and where they challenge the limits, both harmonically and thematically.” Nordlys - Norway

"This is a very interesting cd. The members of the band have written the music in a calm and thoughtful, slightly abstract way, performed with total ease. The music developes on it´s own premissions...this is a cd wourth checking out!" Orkesterjournalen - Sweeden

”The music balances between the restless and almost frustrating to the most beautiful lyrical melodies, everything scourged around the magic of improvisation. Fascinating!!!” Smaalenene avis - Norway

”Fattigfolket has won the international jazz competition in Avignon. Their debut cd explains why.””The creative main soloists, Halle and Godal, creates musically excitement separately and together, and the music in its entirety tells us about an ensemble of strong individualists and tight communication.” Avisa Nordland - Norway

”Fattigfolket has released their first cd, and it is one of a kind. The acoustic quartet presents a cd which alternate grows forwards with melodic and intense vanguard tunes.” Soundvenue – Denmark

“A sedate exploration of eleven open spaces by a Scandinavian quartet of trumpet, reed, bass and drums.  No chordal instrument, but the harmonies of the front line (signposted by the bass of Putte Johander) paint captivating and melodic pictures of the different Parks. Struth, just listening to it is making me wax lyrical. It's their third outing.....and their best.”

Jazz Today, Pete Butchers

The Scandinavian jazz is commonly associated with the kind of fragile, cold ECM sound (inspired by the fjords), which is contraddicted by the explosive music played by the likes of Matts Gustafsson or Atomic band. Fattigfolket present yet another way as the 11 park-pieces (seven of them by Hallvard, three by Putte and one they share the credit for) all display a kind of melodic accessibility and warmth that don't fit neither the peacefulness of cold fjords nor the rebel explosion.”


“Eleven parks to visit again and again”

Värmlands Folkblad - Sweden

“Highly recomended”

Concerto Magazin - Austria

"A stylish album full of thoughtfulness, fragile beauty and appeals to the listener's own imagination. You can talk about "jazz for the season." It is strongly recommended to take a walk in the park."

Geiger- Denmark

"the album captivates immediately the moment and offers lots of contrasting elements, where beauty meets german and nordic down to earthiness. the quartet's sound has some classic refined qualities, and it is simply a pleasure to listen to. not least as a result of interaction between sovereign gunnar halle on trumpet, with his unique, lyrical tone that corresponds hallvard godals saxophone and clarinet playing beautifully. add the fact that also ole sommer behind the drums and putte johander on bass plays formidable."

5/6 Thomas Bjørnsten, Denmark

"a cd to listen over and over again -
duets, solos, interaction - all so beautifully and tastefully interwoven, that it is followed with bated breath"

wojciech ossowski, polish radio

“what a wonderful idea, what a wonderful instrumental album!

mdr figaro - germany

“park” is album of the week at “euro jazz” radio in the czech republic

“fattigfolket is a band that will play an important role on the european jazz scene!”

rocktimes - germany

“vital oases of calm”

fairadio - germany


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